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Welcome to the offical website of Kinky Collective! This is a space especially for those who are not a part of the BDSM community in India to know more about it, to ask questions and exchange views. The four letters are generally understood to stand for

  • B - Bondage
  • D- Domination or Discipline
  • S- Submission or Sadism
  • M- Masochism

This site hopes to address myths about BDSM and kink, the primary myth being that it supports or is equal to violence and oppression. Conscious Kink is about consent- the people involved are considered equal in value and dignity and they discuss and agree to what they are doing together. We feel is especially important to practice consent in an atmosphere where consent is not well understood or is often violated. This is part of why we think kink is amazing and feel that it is critical to break the silence around BDSM and to challenge the stigma associated with it. The blog is an initiative of the Kinky Collective, a group which seeks to raise awareness about kink in society as well as to strengthen the BDSM community in India. We want India to be a safer and sexier place for all people- including those practicing safe, sane consensual acts among adults, yet who are considered to be 'sexual deviants'.