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Labels are confusing, pleasure is not!


01 Oct 2016

My sexual explorations led me to someplace new. A few days ago I came across a sweet Indian couple who were looking to spice up their sex life with another male. After being in an amazing session with them I realized there is more to my bi-curiosity, than I had earlier thought to be.

Under "normal" circumstances masculine men don't arouse me. Body hair are my biggest turnoffs, but that day, I enjoyed kissing that hairy gentleman, in front of his wife. I enjoyed the way all three of us got intimate, i enjoyed the touch of another "male" that day. And now when I think back, all I want is more of all that.

Yet another reason why I hate labels; what should I call myself, I am definitely neither "straight" nor "gay", and I am surely not "bi". I googled up the word "Bi-curious", and by definition I don't exactly fit that term either.

The more I know about myself, the more confused I get ! But that would never stop me from going out and seeking what I enjoy, from trying to expand my limits and seek pleasure without caring about labels.

At peace with pleasure

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